Emergenetics: the evolution of psychometric profiling

Revealing Preferences, Realizing Potential

First Ascent are delighted to have been selected as the exclusive UK partner of Emergenetics International.

Profiling has evolved.

Emergenetics embodies this evolution of profiling.  It combines robust psychometric and neuroscience research with crystal clear presentation to provide profiles that significantly enhance personal, team and organisational performance.

In contrast to traditional profiling, Emergenetics identifies our current thinking and behavioural preferences that have emerged from individual life experiences and our genetics.  The science behind Emergenetics provides an additional dimension to personality profiling by separating behavioural preferences from thinking preferences.  As a result, it eliminates the stereotyping frequently seen in more traditional tools.

Not only is Emergenetics extremely accurate and versatile, but it is also presented in a clear and concise way.  This clarity, coupled with the profiles’ accessibility via its mobile app, Emergenetics+, ensures that learning and development is supported and embedded to an unprecedented degree.

Impact on Individuals, Teams and Organisations

Emergenetics drives performance through creating an awareness of the diverse thinking and behavioural approaches that make people individual.


Areas in which performance will be enhanced, include:

  • Self-awareness, self-confidence and personal impact
  • Team understanding, communications and effectiveness
  • More effective performance management
  • Creation of a universal language for an organisation
  • Improved decision making
  • Better strategizing, planning and delivery
  • Greater efficiency and productivity for individuals and teams
  • Greater employee engagement
  • Better utilization of unique individual strengths

Additional Solutions

The Emergenetics+ mobile app is free to all people who have completed an Emergenetics profile and allows users to view theirs and their colleague’s profiles at the touch of a button.  Available functions of the app include building team reports, profile comparisons and personal communication tips, all designed to improve performance in individuals and teams.

Emergenetics have also provide a product designed specifically for recruitment – Emergenetics Selection Programme (ESP).  ESP is an online assessment which accurately evaluates a candidate’s job motivation and aptitudes to determine their degree of alignment with a specific role within a specific context.

To find out more about this new suite of tools or to enquire about certification, please contact Kylie Seaman on 0845 680 1603.