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Frameworks and models can help target development spend

We use our experience in selecting frameworks to support each client

Models & Frameworks

We are often asked for our views on models of success for leadership, teams and organisations.

Client Models

Many of our clients have established frameworks for leadership and management competencies, that we create programmes to support.

Researched Models

There are many exciting (some long established, some recent) models and frameworks that are widely acknowledged as relevent to successful teams, leaders and organisations. We recommend which of these are useful in supporting a tailored programme for each of our clients.

First Ascent Model

Our view of the elements of success in an organisation is based upon our practitioner experience over many years. We have idenified five zones that need focus:

- The Individual

- The Team

- The Leader

- The Organisation

- The Ecosystem (or sector)


In each of these zones, the best performance will be driven by driving and supporting four elements:

- Belief

- Experience

- Support

- Techniques

In The Leader zone for example, Belief can be built through feedback, self-awareness and reflection. Skills can be developed, often in experiential group learning situations. Support can be provided by peer coaching , executive coaching, and mentoring. Experience acceleration can be attained through CPD and Networking.

We agree with each client, which zone and elements need attention ... and design a programme to address their specific needs.

We offer a range of psycometric and profiling tools to assist clients in our work with them.