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The MBA CSEA European Conference in Paris

We are looking forward to attending the MBA CSEA Conference in Paris to discuss how our portfolio of advanced personal and team development tools could be of value to a range of European Business Schools.

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Lebanon's first Emergenetics Programme

Leapership Consultants, supported by First Ascent, have delivered the first Emergenetics programme in Beirut, Lebanon.

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First Ascent Present at County Sports Partnership Convention

First Ascent provided a workshop on "Creating a High Performing Board" at the CSPN Annual Convention 2014.

Keywords:   CSPN    Board Performance    Leadership    Sport   
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EuroMed Business Opportunities Conference

First Ascent is presenting at the EuroMed Business Opportunities Conference in Beirut 20-21st March 2014.
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How to unlock the Team Brain in your organisation

Neuroscience shows us how a leader can be successful, and is now shedding light on how teams can raise their game as well!

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Neuroscience is the talk of World of Learning

Steve and the team’s presentation on “Using Neuroscience to Step Change Performance” had a powerful effect on the “World of Learning” conference.

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