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We have a wide selection of tools available...

... and will advise on the right one for you

Other Tools

Profiling and assessment tools can be an extremely useful route to providing development input to individuals, teams or whole organisations.

They can also help to chart progress as you make the changes you want to make as an individual, a team or an organisation.

We have access to a wide range of tools, but work with each client to select the most appropriate for your objectives.


Emergenetics                Insights      MBTI             DISC

Jesse Stoner TP           JCA TE        ASE              Enguage 360

JCA EI                              Summit       FIRO-B        TDI & SDI

OPQ                                 NEO            SHI               Stressscan

Benchmarks 360          PADI            LEA 360       Kouzes LPI