David Sales*

Executive Director

David is an executive director of First Ascent. He develops and delivers client programmes, provides executive coaching support and is a speaker on effective leadership. He specialises in applying the latest neuroscience knowledge to helping leaders perform to their maximum. Prior to joining First Ascent, he held senior leadership roles in the telecommunications industry. He led several start-up operations and actively re-oriented established businesses to focus on the customer, profit and long term success.   He believes that leadership is about creating the right environment for people to be ambitious and confident.   David says "Strong leaders need to manage themselves with understanding and discipline, recognising their strategic accountability and contradictions it involves".   David has an honours degree from Cambridge University and an MBA from Warwick University. He is Chairman of the Institute of Directors in East of England. His hobbies include ironman triathlon and adventuring.  Contact  david.sales@firstascentgroup.com +44 (0) 7802 467148