Ian Price

Programme Director

Ian is a highly experienced manager and leader with over twenty years experience in the telecoms and payments industries. His work has ranged from senior roles in big corporates through to leading small entrepreneurial start-ups. As managing director and chief executive, Ian took Broca plc, an AIM-listed mobile technology start-up through to acquisition in 2009. Ian has a fascination with the psychology of business which he pursues academically via the Department of Occupational Psychology at Birkbeck College, University of London. He brings a unique perspective to organisational life and his solutions are informed by the latest thinking around what drives the human animal at work. Ian’s work has a special emphasis on communications technology and how to avoid its misuse. As well as a refreshing explanation of why we work the way we do, he has pragmatic solutions for the pervasive issues of email overload and Blackberry “addiction”. Ian enjoys a range of sports including the niche sport of punt racing !!