Jennifer Baker*

Programme Director

Jennifer specialises in helping organisations get the best from their people, by developing their leadership and strategic capabilities.   Jennifer’s strength is her combination of business acumen and rapport in connecting with people from different backgrounds, experience, positions and nationalities.    Her vision and passion for professional development is driven by making a real difference to people and organisations. Through leadership and management development Jennifer is highly passionate and motivated in helping organisations transform performance and for individuals finding the personal development skills needed to achieve their greatest goals professionally and personally.     She believes that the most precious resource in any organisation is its people and that effective training and development all lead to greater personal effectiveness at work.  She has been at the sharp end of business, running business units, managing high performing teams and using her experience and coaching skills helps others achieve their goals.      Jennifer is enthusiastic, engaging and energetic in driving positive change in her clients.  Her clients value her open, ethical and practical approach, understanding the value of people within the need to deliver results. She believes nothing is more fulfilling than helping others succeed, as people can achieve more than they think.