Preparing for Face-to-Face Training

Preparing for Face-to-Face Training

As we start to think about planning face-to-face sessions again, the First Ascent team have spent time considering the steps we can take to ensure delegates and facilitators are as safe as possible, while still delivering an effective and enjoyable learning experience.

Below we have outlined the steps that we will be taking before, during and after face-to-face sessions and the guidelines that we expect delegates to follow. As ever, we will work closely with you to ensure everyone involved is comfortable with the plans and tailor the sessions to best fit the environment and your needs.

With the COVID-19 government guidelines continuing to shift, we will be regularly reviewing these steps and update you with any changes as and when they happen. Please visit the UK government website for the most up to date guidelines.

What we are doing

Prior to any training sessions, the First Ascent team will ensure:

  • Selected training rooms allow for social distancing of two metres for the number of delegates attending plus the facilitator

  • All facilitators have completed a COVID-19 awareness and prevention training to ensure they are prepared to deliver a safe and successful session

  • Facilitators are briefed on any considerations specific to the client, delegates, session or venue

We will work closely with venues to make sure they have the following facilities available and processes in place:

  • Handwashing and/or sanitising stations throughout the venue for delegates to use on arrival and during the day

  • Meeting rooms are cleaned thoroughly between users and frequent touch points (such as door handles, surfaces and toilets) are continuously cleaned throughout the day

  • Plans and clear signage for social distancing in all parts of the premises, not just where the session is being conducted but also entrances and exits, breakout rooms, dining areas etc.

  • Optimised ventilation to provide a fresh air supply to all areas of the venue, particularly in the training room

  • Protocols for the safe provision of food and refreshments if required

Where possible we will hold sessions (or part of them) outdoors.

To reduce the risk of potential transmission of COVID-19 during sessions, we will:

  • Always maintain social distancing of two metres from others within the training room

  • Allocate equipment and materials such as pens, worksheets, glasses etc. to each individual to avoid sharing of objects

  • Set up the seating and tables into zones to meet the two metre social distancing requirements

  • Facilitate sessions to avoid delegates speaking directly face-to-face wherever possible, instead speaking side-to-side

  • Take steps to avoid the need for loud speaking or shouting, such as using microphones

After a session has taken place, the First Ascent Team will:

  • Keep a record of delegate attendance and contact details to assist with the NHS Test and Trace scheme

  • Notify individuals if another person present at their training session has tested positive for COVID-19 with 21 days of the event (no identifying data will be shared)

What we expect you to do

Our aim is to prevent the attendance of anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19, is symptomatic, has recently been symptomatic or been in close contact with someone who has tested positive or is symptomatic.

Prior to attending a session, we ask that as a delegate, you:

  • Digitally complete and sign the provided COVID-19 health declaration form (please return this to the First Ascent team prior to the session to avoid not being allowed into the training session on the day)

  • Plan your journey carefully to avoid peak travels times on public transport and cycle, walk or drive where possible

  • Bring any personal items that will make you feel more comfortable in the session e.g. a face covering, stationary, your own glass/bottle etc.

To reduce the risk of potential transmission of COVID-19 during sessions, we ask that you:

  • Keep a two metre distance from people outside of your household at all times

  • Wash your hands thoroughly (for 20 seconds) on arrival at the venue and regularly throughout the session using handwashing facilities or hand sanitiser

  • Cough and/or sneeze in the crook of your arm or a tissue and dispose of it immediately

  • Consider wearing a face covering when inside, particularly if spending time with people you do not normally meet

  • Notify the facilitator immediately if you do not feel well or develop any COVID-19 symptoms

If you experience symptoms or test positive for COVID-19 within 14 days of attending a training session, please let us know as soon as possible. This will enable us to notify the other delegates and facilitators present so that they can take precautionary steps to stop further transmission.

If you have any questions about these steps or guidelines, please don't hesitate to email our Operations Manager